Cancer Support Scotland’s Wear Tartan for a Day on 29th of November 2019

Why wear tartan for a day?

tartan converse

29th of November 2019

Cancer Support Scotland is a Scottish run charity that’s been around for nearly forty years. Originally we were called ‘Tak Tent’, old Scot’s phrase for ‘Take Care’, and that’s why we adopted the theme: Take Care, wear Tartan for a day.

We are asking you to wear something tartan for the day to remember someone affected by cancer and to carry out one small act of kindness to show you care.

Did you know a person with cancer or a survivor is less likely to develop PTSD if they:

  • Receive strong support from family and friends
  • Are given correct information about the stage of the cancer
  • Have good relationships with members of the health care team

Get involved

Help us take care of people by providing counselling, complementary therapies and podiatry to people affected by cancer.

Simply offer a smile, a cup of tea, make time to talk or hold an event. One small gesture goes a long way to help someone become a little bit stronger every day.

That’s how each and every one of us can help provide the vital emotional support that helps people affected by cancer.

Get others involved and ask people in your office, school, university or organisation to join in. Hold a dress down day on the 29th of November and donate a couple of pounds to Cancer Support Scotland.

Come Along to Cancer Support Scotland

To show our support we’re holding an open day in our Calman Centre between 10am and 4pm on Friday 29th of November.

For you, it’s an opportunity to visit our beautiful centre, enjoy a cup of tea, meet our friendly staff and volunteers. For us it’s an opportunity to show what we offer people and families affected by cancer. Throughout the day we’ll run taster sessions for both hand or head & neck massage. If you or someone close to you would like talk about your emotions and the affect cancer is having in your life we’ll also have counsellors available in our Centre.

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