Leigh’s story

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Cancer Support Scotland put me on an amazing eight week Mindfulness course. Before my diagnosis, I had been feeling tired for a year but blood tests showed no cause for concern. I have a history of cancer in my family as my mum had breast cancer and my dad died of cancer. I received a letter advising me to attend a breast cancer screening after turning 50. It was after this routine screening that I was called back to the breast clinic and a biopsy was carried out. That was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Like most people, I thought cancer meant a death sentence. I felt terror and fear for my two children, Florence and Daniel. My diagnosis was a shock for my fiancé and partner of 20 years, Liam, and he too was fearful. I received treatment from September 2015 to March 2016 which included mastectomy lymph clearance as well as chemo and radiotherapy. I have finished this treatment and am now being treated with Tamoxifen.

The therapy that has benefitted me most has been Mindfulness. The stress you go through when you have been diagnosed with cancer is unbelievable so I would recommend a Mindfulness course to anybody facing a cancer diagnosis. Attending a Mindfulness course provided by Cancer Support Scotland stopped me from being eaten up by anxiety to such an extent that I began to not be able to function.

Without being facetious, I believe that Mindfulness should be a part of everyone’s treatment. It has been Cancer Support Scotland’s Mindfulness course that has saved me from a downhill spiral and lots of trips to the doctor. I wish I had known about Cancer Support Scotland earlier! The hardest part of my cancer diagnosis was learning to ask for help. If I could give any advice to others facing a cancer diagnosis it would be to make the most of the help and advice out there.

Cancer Support Scotland provides emotional and practical support to anybody who has been affected by cancer. We offer Mindfulness courses, counselling and complementary therapies including chiropody, deep tissue massage, reiki, reflexology, Indian head massage, stress management and aromatherapy. All our support services are free for anybody who has been affected by cancer. If you, or a loved one, would benefit from our support services, click here to see our contact details.

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