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Cancer Support Scotland Day is an opportunity to reach out and take care of someone affected by Cancer.

You can show your support by wearing tartan for a day on the 30th of November 2018. On this day we can all reach out to someone and ask them ‘how are you and how can I help you?’.

Why Cancer Support Scotland Day?

Every day we hear stories about the difference one person’s kindness has made towards giving someone affected by Cancer the strength to move forward.

Inspired by the people we meet we established an Awareness Day focusing on the emotional support for people affected by cancer.

“It is not possible to over-state how important emotional support is for patients when a diagnosis of cancer is made. Despite the multitude of diagnostic tests, investigations and procedures patients have to endure from diagnosis to treatment and onwards; often the most important aspect of their care and their families, carers and loved ones is the support they receive.  Getting this right is crucial.”  Doug Speake, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Western General Hospital Edinburgh 

The story doesn’t end there.  Providing support for the family is vitally important too. This is backed up by research from Manchester University that recently stated: “Carers of terminally ill are up to seven- times more likely to have mental health problems”

Cancer Support Scotland is helping

Everyone is different and the emotional support needed changes over time depending on the cancer treatment or stage of recovery. That’s why Cancer Support Scotland offers a range of free complementary and talking therapy sessions for people diagnosed with cancer and their families.

“The sessions have been a place of safety and rest and without doubt have given me the support I needed to get back to health and back to work. Kirsteen has an amazing power to help and to calm and I am so impressed by her understanding, care and professionalism.” – Elaine M, Cancer Support Scotland Service User.

How to show you care?

Inner resilience builds from the help and support you are given from others. Help can take shape in many forms and the type of emotional support required is different for everyone.

Just one small gesture of support can make all the difference to people affected by cancer and for their friends and families.

Simply offer a smile, a cup of tea and make time to talk. Make a point of asking how are you and what can I do to help. A moment of kindness goes a long way to help someone become a little bit stronger every day.

Make a point of checking in every now and again. You don’t have to wait until Cancer Support Scotland day. Make the first step today by asking someone “how are you and what can I do to help.”

 “ It’s great to talk to people who understand what you’re going through. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the resources provided are amazing.”  Kim, service user.

Getting Involved


Involve others by asking people in your office, school, university or organisation to join in. Why not have a dress down day with a touch of tartan, organise an event and donate £2 to Cancer Support Scotland.  Together we are helping raise awareness of the emotional challenges people affected by cancer are facing every day.

At the same time you are helping us take care of people by giving free counselling, complementary therapy, podiatry and stress management workshops.

Tell us what you are up to

We’d love to see and hear how you are spending Cancer Support Scotland Day.

  • Post about us, share your story or share our website with someone we can help.
  • Tell us what you are doing and we will share it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Help us take care of someone with counselling and complementary therapy by donating to our page

Don’t forget to tag Cancer Support Scotland and use #WearTartanForADay

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