Gordon’s Gardening Update

Gordon’s Gardening Update

Due to lockdown and renovation works within the Calman Centre our garden area has become a little overgrown over this past year! Our wonderful volunteer Gordon has started work to restore this space and we will post progress photos each week to take you on the journey!

Here is our first gardening update from the wonderful Gordon…

ย The patio/seating area – cleared of weeds. Just a case of keeping on top of it now.

The steps leading up from the patio to the birdhouse level. Bushes to the right cut back and steps weeded.

Pathway to the right of the birdhouse level. Bushes on the right cut back.

This is the area opposite the shed door. This area used to have lovely bushes in it which we lost during the renovation and is now a mass of weeds and buddleia (the purple flower), the plan is to clear the weeds, cut right back the buddleia (they can be quite invasive plants but butterflies love them) and plant some seeds.

Small area beside shed. Need to cut this right back, there’s also a dead bush in there that needs removed and a lot of weeds that you can’t see to be removed.

A MASSIVE thank you to Gordon for all his hard work so far, we are so excited to see the progress and to have our beautiful outdoor space back again ๐ŸŒˆโ˜€๏ธ

Watch out for our next garden update…

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