Craig’s ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’


What were your new year resolutions? Dry January? Join a Gym? Phone your Mum more? Phone your Mum less?

Mine? Run to London. But in little bits…

In May 2016 I set myself the challenge of running 5k every day and cutting sugar out of my diet where I could. I was previously a ‘3 sugars in my coffee’ kinda guy and I realised that this was mounting up. So, for everyday that passed I ran 5k. Sometimes in the early mornings before work, but mostly in the evenings and given the month the weather was generally kind. I also started to stockpile the sugar that I was no longer consuming and this is where I was shocked. By skipping sugar in my coffee and skipping some sugar based drinks and the occasional chocolate bar I had filled three pint glasses of sugar by the end of the month. I have managed to keep myself on sugarless coffees, but sometimes, bad habits creep in when you see a biscuit and raisin yorkie.

IMG_1737-1So, when 2017 came round I felt I needed some motivation and a bigger goal than just ‘go for a run’.

I worked out that our Glasgow office on St Vincent Street (next to the world famous King Tuts Wah-Wah Hut) is 411 miles by road from our London office (next to the world famous Harley Street). One I had realised this fairly dull piece of information I thought to myself “that’s easy… It’s only 35 miles a month… which equates to roughly three runs of 3 miles per week… simples!”

Seems do-able, right?

I guess we all need a ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ as I have learnt recently in my Vistage meetings. Well for 2017 this is mine.

My plan is to do a bit of fundraising for Cancer Support Scotland as I enter the final stretch in December, which is the last 18 miles from crossing the M25 into Greater London. My plan is to complete my challenge on Christmas Eve. There will be a monthly update on my twitter @craig_mackie_

So… what is your ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’?

Craig’s challenge will continue throughout 2017 and he will set up a Just Giving page later in the year for the final push.

Good luck Craig!


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