First Footing with Leeds Building Society Foundation

First footing is a Scottish tradition symbolic of bringing good fortune. Local charity, Cancer Support Scotland’s good fortune kicked off early in 2019 with support from Leeds Building Society Foundation.

The Foundation trustees recently awarded Cancer Support Scotland £855 to pay for 3 months’ supply of sterile podiatry packs – essential for treating people suffering with side-affects from cancer treatment.

How has Leeds Building Society Foundation helped?

Leeds Building Society Foundation has successfully provided practical support for people with additional health issues brought about by cancer treatment. The sterile podiatry packs will ease the discomfort cancer patients experience from foot conditions related to the side-affects from cancer treatment.

The Foundation’s practical support is key to helping people who need it most and this donation directly helps 150 people over a three-month period. Helping to relieve pain treat infections and help with mobility.

Sharon Howden, branch manager in Hope Street, Glasgow, together with the branch staff previously offered support to the local charity. Again Leeds Building Society offered practical support by allowing staff to volunteer with Cancer Support Scotland in the head office at the Calman Centre.

How can podiatry help people with cancer?

Liz Marley, pictured on the left, is Cancer Support Scotland’s highly experienced podiatrist and has been working with Cancer patients for over 10 years.

Podiatry is offered to our service users with a cancer diagnosis. Some Cancer treatment has a profound impact on fast growing cells such as nails. Pain in the feet and the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a significant side effect of treatments. This can be so severe that it impacts on mobility and the ability to walk.

 ‘Amazing I came in feeling in pain and left feeling like I was walking on air’ Service User

Leeds Building Society Foundation donation of £855 will ease the discomfort our patients experience while going through their cancer treatment.

Marlyn Hosie, Corporate Fundraiser with Cancer Support Scotland says ‘I’m incredibly grateful for the donation and would like to thank Sharron, staff and the Foundation for support”

Sharron Howden, Branch Manager at Leeds Building Society’s Glasgow branch, said: “The Foundation provides funding towards projects that directly support people in need.

“Cancer Support Scotland is dedicated to supporting people following cancer treatment and we’re pleased our grant will be used for essential services for up to 150 people.”

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