Fundraising is a family affair


Meet the Fundraising Fingland family.

Fiona Fingland, Chiara Fingland, Will Bayram and Jacquie Fingland

We are so proud to introduce Lachie, Fiona and Chiara of the Fingland family who are taking part in the Great Scottish Run.

Those that follow our posts on Social Media may already be familiar with the Fingland family. Together with friends and family the Fingland’s have been actively fundraising for Cancer Support Scotland for 30 years and recently topped the incredible £100,000 mark.

Much of their hard work fundraising has been achieved by their annual Summer Solstice event.  Now a must attend event in every calendar for people living in Callander. Three decades since the first event children who original attended are all grown up and now bringing along their own children.  For many living away it’s an excuse to return home and meet up with friends and family and help a charity that matters to their community.

“My family have enjoyed supporting Cancer Support Scotland with its incredible work over a number of years and we are truly inspired by the support and care it can offer for families.” Fiona



The family tradition of supporting our charity continues with their team taking part in the Great Scottish Run on Sunday 30th of September, along with 30,000 other runners.

“Glasgow is a brilliant half marathon for a personal challenge and has a great running atmosphere. We always run for “slow miles over no miles”!  It’s a lovely opportunity to fundraise locally for the charity and help raise awareness for the support that Cancer Support Scotland can offer.” Fiona

At Cancer Support Scotland we will always by hugely grateful to the Fingland’s family and friends who have dedicated 3 decades of giving to us.

We provide free emotional and physical support for people affected by Cancer if you or someone close to you would be benefit please contact us today.

Read more about the Cancer Support services the Fingland’s help support. 

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