Health Boards Fail to Meet Cancer Waiting Standards

The Scottish Government have released its latest cancer waiting time statistics, which has revealed that too many health boards are failing to meet the targets laid down by Government, for the treatment of people diagnosed with cancer.

Colin Graham, Chief Executive here at Cancer Support Scotland, has expressed that: “It is disappointing that only five health boards met the 62 day standard for patients starting treatment and that the two biggest ones, NHS Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Lothian, are not among them, particularly when because of their size, they equate to more than 50% of all patients.”

While the figures for the 31 day standard have improved, Colin highlighted that it is “still disappointing” that only 11, out of 15 health boards, met this target. Cancer Support Scotland’s Chief Executive has emphasized that: “More work has to be done with the four non performing health boards.”

Colin has said: “At Cancer Support Scotland we know that for anyone diagnosed with cancer, the wait for treatment is as traumatic as the diagnosis.”

In The Herald’s coverage, on the new ISD statistics, Colin has said that: “Health boards must continue to improve waiting times and that means government must invest in staff, equipment and support care to bring the non-performing health boards up to the standard demanded.”

If you would like to read The Herald’s full article, on cancer waiting times, click here. To view the cancer waiting times statistics, click publications.


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