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Introducing: Katie Mullen

Role with Cancer Support Scotland: Corporate Fundraiser  

Tell us a little about you? (your background, qualifications etc)

I have worked in fundraising for various different charities for over 7 years. I started out working part time for my university where I raised funds for bursaries for students who needed financial support. I soon realised that I was much more suited to fundraising than to the Chemistry degree I was studying. So after graduating in 2014, I went on to do an MSc in Marketing and Events to help me with my fundraising career. I have been a full time fundraiser ever since.

What is your personal motto or mantra? (from a book, a film, an inspirational person or your own).

I’m a keen hiker on the weekends so it would have to be…

 “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness & growth occurs while you are climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

What is your biggest achievement to date (personal or professional)?

Last year I took part on an expert panel at the Edinburgh Fringe’s ‘Just Festival’ representing the charity I worked for at the time. I also performed in an improvised comedy show at the festival with some volunteers in aid of the charity. Both were nerve-wracking but I loved every minute of it and it was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the charity.

Why did you want to work for Cancer Support Scotland?

Cancer Support Scotland is a warm, modern charity supporting an area of health and care that is too easily neglected. It is so important that we care for the whole person.

I also followed the charity on social media before I applied for the role. I had always found their posts very engaging which is helpful for fundraising.

What do you like most about your job?

I became a fundraiser because I like to have lots of variety in my role and no two days are ever the same but the thing that makes Cancer Support Scotland stand out for me is the Calman Centre. It is such a lovely, tranquil environment located on the Gartnavel Campus.

What is it people with cancer deal with that you want to help fix?

I think there is huge benefit in giving someone who has cancer the opportunity to speak about their illness in an open environment, away from their family and carers. I always see a sense of relief wash over people when they are able to fully open up the side effects of cancer and its treatments. Our services give people the space to express themselves fully without judgement. This of course works for their family and friends who use our service too. I hope the funds I raise will allow us to offer this vital headspace to more people.

What is your favourite book or film?

My favourite film is Donny Darco… a bit of a creepy one!

Given the chance who would you like to be for one day and why?

I would have to choose Lewis Hamilton so I could get a go on a Grand Prix track… I’d likely crash mind you.

f1 car

How would you like to work in partnership with organisations who support us?

There are lots of different ways we can work with organisations; I’d like to think we have something to suit every company, big or small. It is important to me that while we are working together to support people in Scotland who are affected by cancer, we are also helping your organisation achieve your specific Corporate Social Responsibility goals. I can support you to take part in a variety of volunteering opportunities and give you some great ideas for fundraising.

We would be so grateful if you we’re willing to sponsor one of our events and I would tailor a sponsorship package to suit your needs.

Perhaps you can offer pro-bono support or discounted products that could help us with our work or set up Payroll Giving.

Most importantly, I want to help you make your staff feel proud, motivated and inspired to work for an organisation that is making a positive difference within their community.

You can get in touch with Katie Mullen on 0141 337 8199 or email

If you would like to discover more ways to get involved and read some case studies visit our Supporting Us At Work page.


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