After I was given the all clear from bowel cancer in 2012, I got a severe case of the “what if’s” – what if I hadn’t done the test; what if they haven’t removed it all. I ended up with PTSD and was given invaluable help from the counsellors and therapists at Cancer Support Scotland. Once I came back to earth and could think straight, I decided I needed to get my affairs in order – just in case. This included updating my will.

As I have no immediate family left, I decided to leave my cousins “just a wee minding”, as they say, and bequeath the rest to charities that are close to my heart, one of them being Cancer Support Scotland. I’m not sure how much there will be left as I intend to grow old disgracefully and probably waste most of it enjoying myself. What I cannot repay them for is the help and support I was given when I needed someone to listen.

It costs £27 for a counselling session and £29 for a therapy session so I owe them quite a bit – they’re just not getting it till I pop off!

To learn more about leaving a legacy read more here or call us for more information.

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