A message from our CEO on World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day 2022, we at Cancer Support Scotland want to remind you that we are here for you. Today is a chance to raise awareness around what those affected by cancer face every day. It is a chance for everyone to step forward and play a part in recognising the wonderful work that charities, carers and medical staff do and for all of us to show we care. If you or anyone in your family is impacted by cancer, please reach out to us.

Today we have a special message from our chief executive Rob Murray.
He said: “World Cancer Day is a chance for us to admire and recognise all of the people coping every day with a cancer diagnosis, as well as the remarkable individuals who work tirelessly to care for them. If you know someone who is on this journey, take a few moments today to think of them and to be with them.

“Support for those affected by cancer, both their physical and mental wellbeing, has never been more needed – and that is why myself and the dedicated team at Cancer Support Scotland are, and always will be, here for you and your families.

“It is time for a forward thinking approach to ensure that mental health services for those affected by cancer are properly funded and no longer an afterthought.

The soaring increase in people looking for cancer support is undeniable. The Scottish Government must put a long term sustainable plan in place to help charities like ours continue their vital work.”

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