Family Fundraiser shines bright on Summer Solstice

With COVID restrictions in place, its certainly been a very different summer this year but that didn’t stop the Fingland Family from lighting the BBQ and firing up the imagination of their friends and family when it came to their 33rd year of fundraising for Cancer Support Scotland.

Instead of hosting everyone in their garden for their annual fundraising event in aid of Cancer Support Scotland, they got creative and took their Summer Solstice party live to the gardens of friends and family via Zoom and Facebook. BBQ’s were lit, entertainment was provided as were a number of competitions from ‘Best Solstice Cocktail’ to ‘Best Solstice Burger’.

The fundraising didn’t stop there, as it was their 33rd year they asked friends and family to come up their best 3.3 or 33 challenges to help raise vital funds and they were not disappointed!  There was skipping, dancing, running, jumping, baking, pilates, cycling, gaming and so much more…all together raising an amazing £7,130.32 which absolutely smashed through their target of £3,333!

Cancer Support Scotland CEO, Rob Murray commented:

“We are absolutely thrilled with the generosity from Sumnmer Solstice event hosted by the Fingland Family.

“The family and their friend have been such wonderful supporters of Cancer Support Scotland over the last 33years and each year they blow us away with their enthusiasm, commitment and creativity! 

“I was delighted to be able to join the Summer Solstice Live this year and cannot thank the Fingland Family enough for the truly amazing event they and their community created. 

“The money raised will ensure our vital service providing wellbeing and mental health support for anyone affected by cancer continues and the awareness raised by the Fingland’s will help us reach all those who need our support.”

Speaking on behalf of the family, Jacquie Fingland said:

“As a family, we remain committed to supporting Cancer Support Scotland, helping them to provide care for cancer patients and their families. Although COVID made it impossible for us to host our annual Summer Solstice fundraising event, we knew that the Charity needed support more than ever. We brainstormed and came up with Soltice Live, a virtual event using Facebook and Zoom to connect our community together.

“We are so grateful for the enthusiasm and energy of everyone who supported the event; the entertainers who provided musical and highland dancing exhibitions; the families who ceilidh danced in their gardens or living rooms; and all those who completed their own unique 3.3/33 challenges.  

“A huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise funds for a Charity which is very close to our hearts.  Tak Tent (take care)”

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