Gordon’s Gardening Update

Gordon’s Gardening Update 🌻🌳

Here is week 2 of Gordon’s Gardening Update…

I focussed on the area at the back fence opposite the shed door. This had some lovely bushes in it which had to be removed during the renovation (although there are signs that 2 or 3 may be trying to make a comeback). As can be seen from the pictures, the area was totally over-run with weeds. I weeded it all by hand as much as possible and added quite a bit of new soil from my compost heaps as the existing soil was quite stony. There were 3 buddleia which I cut back quite severely. I like buddleia as it attracts butterflies (which I’d like to encourage for the garden) but it is quite invasive and you have to be quite brutal with it sometimes or it can grow as high as 10 ft. They will grow back in time for next year though.

So quite a difference as you can see. There are still 2 buddleia left in the garden and, just as I was leaving, we had a couple of visitors. I’ll leave those 2 particular plants now until after butterfly season before I cut them back.

Again a MASSIVE thank you to Gordon for all his hard work so far, we are so excited to see the progress and to have our beautiful outdoor space back again 🌈☀️ Watch out for our next gardening update…

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