Scottish Government Cancer Prehabilitation Report- CEO Comment

Photo of the New Interim CEO, Michael MacLennan, outside the Calman Centre.

The Scottish Government’s Cancer Prehabilitation Report was published this morning. Our Interim CEO, Michael MacLennan, has commented on the importance of implementing cancer prehabilitation across Scotland:

“At Cancer Support Scotland we understand first-hand just how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be both for the person with cancer, and their family and friends. It is so important there is advice and support readily available before treatment begins.
We welcome the Scottish Government’s Cancer Prehabilitation Report, which emphasises the need for physical and psychological support in the period after receiving a cancer diagnosis. It further highlights the need for dedicated staffing, funding and removal of socio-economic barriers to ensure this support is extended to all that need it.
As a national charity we are committed towards providing this support through our counselling, complementary therapy and peer support group services- doing so without NHS funding thanks to the generosity of the public. We maintain that it is of upmost importance funding is put in place to ensure people all throughout Scotland are able to access cancer prehabilitation support, and that together we can improve survival rates and quality of life. Sadly, this is currently too often not the case”.

You can read the full report here.

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