Stepping up to the challenge with Super Hero Liz

As you may know 2020 is Cancer Support Scotland’s 40th birthday. To celebrate this significant mile stone we’re keen to document the amazing stories from past and present of this incredible journey. That’s why we’re asking the people who shaped our story to share their personal experiences.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Liz Marley our Super Hero Podiatrist. Liz has worked as a podiatrist with Cancer Support Scotland for over four years.

Liz is incredibly humble, kind and passionate about helping people but don’t take our word for it. Here’s some of the amazing feedback given:

“Liz managed to heal my feet – I can wear shoes again and being able to talk to someone helps. I would recommend this service as my life improved after each visit, I left feeling more positive about life.” Flora

In her own words Liz describes working for this very special charity:

“I have found that working here to be very rewarding and tranquil. There is a family feel to the place and working as part of a team you get to meet and treat the best of people who are going through the most difficult time of their lives.

Liz added:

“Cancer Support Scotland cares and treats all who come here with expertise and kindness.

When Liz isn’t doing the day job, Liz can be found climbing hills up and down the country. Liz’s passion for hill walking took her on an epic trek up Mount Killimanjaro, the highest Mountain in Africa, with six other team mates.  Liz’s inspiration and courage to complete the Trek was taken from the people who used our services. Those people motivated Liz and her team to raise over £30,000 for Cancer Support Scotland.

Besides walking, a little known fun fact about Liz is that once year, on Christmas Day, Liz braves the elements and takes a dip in the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean.

We asked Liz if there was one lasting thought about working for our charity and supporting people with cancer. Liz beautifully summed up her experience as:

 “The impact the people have, that come through our Centre, leaves us very humble and a privilege to be able to help them that stays with us forever.”

About our Podiatry Service

Podiatry can ease the painful side effects of chemotherapy and improve mobility.  If you or someone you know is struggling with the side effects of cancer you can make an appointment by calling 0141 337 8199.

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