Wellbeing Survey Results

Wellbeing Survey

From the first positive case of COVID19 confirmed in Scotland on 1st March 2020, the subsequent lockdown on 20th March and the 25 weeks that have followed, Cancer Support Scotland have been determined and absolutely focused on continuing to support the mental health and wellbeing of anyone affected by cancer across Scotland.  They recognised immediately that they could not simply close their services and press pause on the people they support who were vulnerable and isolated.

In late August Cancer Support Scotland undertook a survey to further understand the mounting impact COVID19 has had on the mental health and wellbeing of those affected by cancer across Scotland and the responses made for insightful and alarming reading.

Cancer Support Scotland, CEO, Rob Murray comments We responded swiftly from the very beginning, providing continued mental wellbeing support even in the early stages and adapting to the new needs of people living with cancer in Scotland. The next logical step was to really understand the wider impact COVID19 has had on mental wellbeing. We received responses from those living in three quarters of the local authorities across Scotland giving us a real indication of how those affected by cancer are feeling – one of the more startling results is that 57% of respondents who had planned surgery have not had those appointments rearranged. 

We understand the challenges a global pandemic can bring however cancer does not wait, if anything delays in service only increase anxieties and can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health.  

We have shared our findings with the Scottish Government in a bid to encourage them to ensure Mental Health and Wellbeing is a major focus for the upcoming Cancer Recovery plan announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport. Scotland made a pledge for parity between mental and physical health – the truth is for those with cancer this has not been the case and the third sector is supporting those with a cancer diagnosis and their family members on a shoestring.

Whilst these maybe statistics, for us at Cancer Support Scotland they are real people. Over the past six months demand for services such as ours across Scotland has increased.”

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