Q. What will happen on my first visit?

A. To deliver safe treatment specific to your changing needs you will be asked to fill out a consultation form. This takes about 10 minutes.

Q. Will my information be confidential?

A. Yes. All information is confidential between you and your therapist. Cancer Support Scotland complies with the Data Protection Act so your details will never be revealed.

Q. Is there help to fill in form?

A. Yes. Therapists and staff will be happy to help.

Q. What is the cost?

A. There is no cost. It is completely free.  Cancer Support Scotland relies on donations from individuals and companies to allow us to provide all our services free of charge. Demand for them is constantly increasing and we welcome any donation.  If you would like to make a donation, this can be made at the centre, online via our website or you can set up a regular monthly donation. If you are a taxpayer, you can gift-aid your donation.

Q. Where will the therapy take place?

A. We have purpose-built treatment rooms on the lower floor of the building and a waiting area with free tea and coffee making facilities.

Q. Can my partner/carer access these services?

A. Yes. We can provide our services to family members, partners and carers.

Q. What therapies could I have?

A. This will depend on your cancer, treatment and medical condition. The therapist will discuss this with you and develop a treatment plan to suit you and your changing medical needs. We provide a range of therapies and will always be able to offer you something suitable.

Q. How often can I come and how many treatments can I have?

A. Cancer Support Scotland offers six complementary therapies. Usually, therapy sessions are booked two/three weeks in advance. You can also visit the centre out-with your appointments.  Free Wi-Fi, tea, coffee and magazines are available.

Q. How long does a treatment last?

A. Treatments usually last 45 minutes. Your first visit will be shorter as you have to go through the consultation form and agree on a treatment best for you.

Q. Do I have to bring anything?

It would be helpful if you could bring a list of your prescribed medication, dates of treatments, procedures and recent surgery. There is no need to bring towels or a change of clothing.

Q. What therapies are available at Cancer Support Scotland?

A. You will find a full list of therapies on our website.                                                                                     

Q. Will the therapies affect my treatment?

A.  They will complement your current NHS treatment.

Q. I am male so would it be better to wear shorts for my treatment?

A. You can wear whatever is comfortable.

Q. Are there any other services I can access in the centre?

A. Yes. We have a counselling service available for cancer patients and their families. Please ask your therapist for details. We also have a chiropody service for patients who have had chemotherapy as this can affect the condition of feet and nails. This service is separate from the complementary service. Six treatments are available but they are restricted to cancer patients.

Q. How do I book a treatment?

A. You can book over the phone or pop in to the centre and have a look around before booking your appointment at the main reception desk.

Q. Will I get a reminder about my appointment?

A. Yes, you will receive a phone call or a text message.

Q. Can I book all six appointments in advance?

A. Sorry, this is not possible. We accept only one booking at a time as this allows us to maximise the number of clients we can see.

Q. Is there car parking at the centre?

A. Yes. We have a small car park at the front of the building. However, it can get very busy.

Q. My mobility is not good. How will I access the building and reach the lower floor?

A. We have a lower floor entrance for clients with compromised mobility and a lift on the upper floor to access the therapy rooms if you come in via the main building entrance.

Q. How do I book my next session?

A. You can book on the day you’ve had a treatment or make an appointment by phone.

Q. The service was not what I expected, can I make a complaint?

A. Yes. In the first instance please discuss the complaint with your therapist and we will try to resolve it. If you’re not satisfied please write to Service Manager, Cancer Support Scotland, Calman Centre, 75 Shelley Rd, Gartnavel Campus, Glasgow G12 0ZE. We will then follow our complaints procedure.

Q. The service was fantastic! How do I tell the therapist they’ve done a great job?

A. Our therapists appreciate feedback of any kind. There’s a comments book in the waiting area, or you can send a letter or card to the Chief Executive, Cancer Support Scotland, Calman Centre, 75 Shelley Road, Gartnavel Campus, Glasgow G12 0ZE.  The CEO will be more than happy to pass on your comments.

Q. I need to cancel my appointment.

A. Not a problem but please tell us as soon as possible by calling 0141 337 8199 so we can offer your appointment to someone else.  We will offer you another appointment as soon as we can. 

Q. This Q&A has not answered my question.

A. Sorry this has not helped. Please call 0141 337 8199 and we will do our best to answer your question.