• Therapies are offered to anyone affected by cancer, including family, friends and carers
  • Treatment/Therapy is applied alongside and in support if conventional medical methods
  • All our therapies complement the range of services provided by the NHS
  • All our treatments are tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual
  • Service users can benefit from up to 6 complementary therapy sessions

Please check our services page for timetables showing  where our Complementary Services are available.

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Natural plant oils blended in grapeseed oils are used in massage for their healing, cleansing, preservative and mood-enhancing properties.  The oils can be heated in our aroma-stones and enjoyed for the pleasure of their fragrances.

The beautiful aromatic oils restore the harmony of body, mind and spirit.  Our essential oils are selected and used with specific aims and objectives for every client under the guidance of our qualified practitioners.



The Therapist applies a range of techniques, designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, stretching and smoothing, to help alleviate stiffness, pain and restricted movement caused by various conditions.

The massage increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles, thereby helping the healing and relaxation process.



Your body’s health is reflected in your feet. The various organs, systems, nerves  and glands in the body are connected with certain ‘reflex areas’ on the soles,  tops and sides of your feet.

By applying pressure with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques, to  specific areas on the feet, remarkable healing effects are noted.  These  techniques may also be applied to the hands, face or ears.  Imbalances in  organs, systems and tissues within the body can be both detected and  effectively treated, to restore balance and well-being, by attempting to help the  person’s own healing energy resolve these imbalances.  Toxins are flushed out  of the system, circulation is improved and stress and tension reduced.

Indian Head Massage


Interestingly, the western word ‘shampoo’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘champi’, which means ‘having your head massaged’.  Treatment is performed over the head, neck and shoulders of the client and has a far-reaching effect on every system o the body.  Therapeutic benefits include improved circulation, improved joint mobility, relief from stress, tension, fatigue, eye-strain, sinusitis and insomnia.  Promoting healthy scalp and hair growth and a general feeling of relaxation is very beneficial.

Facial Reflexology

This treatment is performed with the fingers, applying pressure in small circular movement to designated areas on the face, which correspond to specific organs and systems within our body.  It shares the same principle as foot reflexology.  It helps to restore the proper flow of bodily energy by massaging the surface of the skin to stimulate and re-invigorate facial muscles and nerve endings.  Notice the relief of tension on the face, neck, scalp and brain after treatment.  Blood circulation is increased and lymphatic drainage activated to achieve a naturally glowing complexion.  Boost you immune system and get a younger, healthier look at the same time!

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key)

Reiki is a natural therapy and is either hands-on, hands-free (no touch) or a combination of both.  It is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.  Energy flows through all living things and is channelled through the hands of the Therapist to the recipient.  The whole body is treated and the hand positions mirror the chakra energy points of the body.  There is no massage/manipulation involved.

Reiki promotes balance, unblocks energy channels, cleanses the body of toxins and may stimulate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.  Most people find this to be a comforting and relaxing therapy.


Guided Relaxation

Guided imagery is similar to visualisation, in that you are using your imagination for a specific purpose.  However, visualisation is more focused on a definitive outcome.  Guided imagery is relevant for managing stress and coping with difficult situations.

Imagery’s effectiveness relies on using all your senses, within the quietness of the treatments room, closing your eyes, breathing slowly and deeply, whilst listening to the voice of your Therapist, guiding you through your very own imaginary place or memory of a place or time that has special meaning to you and ideally one that evokes nice memories, or your Therapist will help you with this.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This helps to lower overall tension and stress levels.  It will help you relax when you are feeling anxious.  It can help alleviate and reduce stomach aches, headaches as well as improving your sleep.  Recognise what feeling relaxed feels like! Recognise when you are starting to get tense during the day!