Using 100% natural ingredients of luxurious peach kernel and macadamia oils which are the perfect antidote for damaged nails and sensitive skin.

This treatment incorporates a relaxing hand and/or foot massage, nail nourishment and shaping and a mini manicure and/or pedicure using The Beatson recommended nail varnishes to minimise and aid nail and skin damage. Studies have shown there is a reduced perception of pain, nausea and increased relaxation after just 10 minutes of foot massage.
This service involves assessing nails, arms and hands. The therapist will then recommend a treatment. This may include filing and painting the  person’s nails together with a hand and arm massage, using the lovely products we stock.  If a person’s nails are too damaged they will be offered a hand and arm massage.

Call For Help

Before we start this service, we are looking for 12 people to receive two oncology hand and nail treatments.  This will include the assessment and a treatment.  The treatment may include getting nails filed and polished or a hand and arm massage.  To help us, we need people who have had a cancer treatment and are going through or have received cancer treatment. These sessions will not be part of your six sessions. The appointment times will be at 12.00 or 16.00. To be part of our new service, please call 0141 337 8199.